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let your guard down
baby, let your guard down

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Inspired by this beautiful post [X]

Inspired by this beautiful post [X]

i am so sunburnt. holy shit

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oh my god it is so hot here i can’t handle thiss

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The one with the hat - SN: 07x12

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spn meme - three relationships [1/3]
↳ lucifer and sam

doctormcevilspawn asked: "Prompt! Just fallen Castiel can't sleep and Dean tries to help."

((Just forewarning, this is shameless FWP))

It has been six whole hours since Castiel showed up at the bunker’s doorstep, bloodied and dirt coated and utterly exhausted. He had nearly collapsed upon being dragged inside and promptly lost consciousness while Dean was in the middle of dressing his wounds.
The former angel had woken with a start, looking paled and jittery. Dean had brushed it off as shock at the time, but now it’s one in the morning, and he has this fragile little shell of his angel shaking in his arms, sobbing inconsolably like a small child as they sit at the edge of Dean’s bed.
"Dean, I can’t… I can’t,” he sobs, voice breaking with frustration, though whether it’s from the situation or his lack of control over the hot tears slipping down his face is unclear.
"Yes you can, Cas. You’ve done it before. You were asleep for a good hour and a half earlier."
Castiel shakes his head.
"No, Dean. You don’t understand. I can’t. I…” he takes in a shuddery breath, “I can’t go back there.”
It takes a moment for Dean to realise it. Cas had been having nightmares.
The hunter pulls his shaking body a little closer, “You wanna talk about it?”
The former angel shakes his head, but begins to speak nonetheless.
"I can’t go back. I cannot relive my sins so vividly. I feel… the pain, the exact pain, every detail of it… of falling."
A long moment of silence passes before Castiel looks up into the hunter’s green eyes, “I… lost consciousness on my journey to this place. I dreamt for the first time, and I - I dreamt of… killing you. I dreamt of how I was forced to slaughter your image over and over until I could do so without mercy or remorse.”
He doesn’t even try to stop the tears anymore, but Dean continues to hold him.
"You never told me that," he whispers.
"I never had reason to."
A silence passes between them before the former angel is suddenly crying even harder than before, hiccuping and choking on his own sobs. It scares Dean, who before tonight, had never seen his eyes so much as water. It’s all he can do to hold him and stroke his hair like consoling a child.
"Don’t leave," Castiel whispers, and Dean can’t help a small smile.
"I’m not going anywhere, buddy," he says, before cupping his angel’s face and planting a chaste kiss on his lips.
It’s been a long time since they’ve done that.
"I’m gonna be right here, but you need to get some sleep. Will you do that for me? You won’t feel so shitty once you’ve gotten some proper rest, I can promise you that… and if something happens, I’ll be right here."
Castiel contemplates for a moment but eventually nods.
"I will try… thank you, Dean."
It hadn’t been five minutes before Castiel was asleep, curled into Dean’s side and breathing softly. The hunter had quickly followed suit, enjoying the warmth pressed against him, his arm thrown lazily around the former angel’s sleeping form.
As Dean watches him now in the early morning, he’s sure that no one suffering nightmares could manage to look so peaceful.
Castiel stirs, and Dean smiles at the image.
"Dean?" comes a groggy voice, and the hunter’s smile only widens.
"Hey, buddy, how’d you sleep?"
The former angel stretches and yawns before curling up again.
"Quite well, I believe. I feel… refreshed."
"Good - that’s good," Dean encourages, leaning in to give Cas a kiss that’s a bit less than innocent.

"Hey, Dean, have you seen - oh christ,” Sam cries, shielding his eyes, “I mean, finally, but christ.”

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It’s 1:20 in the morning. I’m exhausted and jetlagged, and I can’t sleep. I need something to do before my physical state kills my good mood! D: Send me your prommmpts

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If anyone would like to give the insomniac a helping hand, and maybe send me a prompt…? (or two… or fifty.. just so I don’t lose my mind or go start a fight club or something)

I like you. We’re friends now.

As long as your name isn’t Tyler. I’m not up for an identity crisis and psychotic breakdown right now.